What Makes Balwyn a Perfect Airbnb Suburb?

Balwyn is one of those suburbs that feels like it’s out of the idyllic past. From its lush, open parks to its plethora of vibrant trees lining well-kept streets, it’s no wonder that this little piece of suburban heaven has been such a desirable spot for homebuyers over the past few decades. Not only is Balwyn a beautiful Airbnb spot, but its wealth of wonderful cafes, such as the uniquely delightful One Piece Cafe themed after the manga of the same name, and an abundance of arts and crafts opportunities like Yi’s DIY will keep guests and visitors more than entertained during their stay.

On the practical side, Balwyn is close to Box Hill Hospital, with the 109 tram easily transporting guests between Box Hill and the city where needed. The area is also home to a wide variety of healthcare specialists, meaning that there will always be reasons for people to seek out quality Airbnbs in Balwyn. Plus, if trams aren’t their style, Balwyn offers a surprisingly robust selection of public transport options, ranging from busses to multiple close train stations along the Belgrave and Lilydale lines.

Why Choose Oasis Stay For Your Balwyn Airbnb Management Needs?

When entrusting a property to a company, you need to know that they are experienced and well-versed in what is needed to keep you and your guests happy. The team at Oasis Stay have over a decade of experience working across various Airbnb hosting management services. That means that we know what guests need to feel comfortable, and what hosts need to ensure the safety of their property.

We offer a highly transparent and customisable service, and thanks to our payment structure, we only get paid when you get guests. So, we are highly invested in making sure that your property is successful, as we aim to grow alongside your Balwyn property’s reputation in the Airbnb market.

What Services Does Oasis Stay Offer?

As a 360 Balwyn Airbnb property management provider, Oasis Stay handles every part of your guests’ experience. From initial photography and creating your listing across multiple platforms all the way to guest screening, key handling, and maintenance, you can feel safe knowing that every aspect of your Airbnb experience is being handled with the utmost care. Our goal is to get you more 5-star reviews, more exposure, and more guests, increasing your rental yield considerably over time.

So, are you ready to take the next step? Contact Oasis Stay, and take a step towards better Balwyn Airbnb management.

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