What Makes Hobart An Excellent Airbnb Location?

You could certainly make a case for Hobart being Australia’s true hidden gem. Whilst it may not get the tourist numbers that some of the country’s larger hubs experience, Hobart is a beautifully diverse and relaxing destination in its own right, netting approximately 1.9 million visitors a year. This puts Hobart in a perfect sweet spot for Airbnb hosting, ensuring that you’re getting a steady stream of potential guests without the same level of intense competition that can be seen in Melbourne or Sydney.
Hobart’s historic waterfronts, stunning art galleries and museums, Botanical Gardens, iconic mountains and more make it the perfect getaway for anyone who wants to see a more peaceful side to Australian culture. Plus, we can’t get away with talking about Hobart without specifically bringing up the Australian landmark that is Mona (the Museum of Old and New Art), which just happens to be the largest privately-funded museum that we have here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Increase Your Rental Yields With the Hobart Airbnb Management Experts

When you’re trying to get the highest possible rental yield from your hosted Hobart Airbnb, first impressions count. Your listing needs to stand out, and you need to have the 5-star reviews and positive word of mouth to back it up. That’s why Oasis Stay exists, providing you with a full-service team of Hobart Airbnb property management professionals dedicated to getting your Hobart listing the results it deserves.

An Australian Airbnb Management Team With Years of Experience in Hobart Properties

Our specialists have a wealth of experience with the Airbnb market and know what it takes to ensure that you get a strong return on your investment. So, if you’ve been on the Hobart Airbnb property market and simply haven’t been getting the short-stay returns you feel you could be, Oasis Stay can help.

Why Choose Oasis Stay For Your Hobart Airbnb Property Management?

With all that said, working with an experienced Airbnb management team doesn’t just drastically increase the potential of your property on the Airbnb market. The Oasis Stay team will take care of every facet of your Airbnb experience, from creating highly desirable listings to guest management, customer support, cleaning, maintenance organisation, and more. No more stressing over timelines, no more calling up emergency plumbers in the middle of the night; we at Oasis Stay will take care of everything. After all, our payment system is based on how much you earn, so our success is your success.
If you’re ready to get the best out of your property, speak with the specialists at Oasis Stay today to find out what we can do for you.

Take the Next Step In Your Airbnb Hosting Journey With Oasis Stay

If you’re ready to increase your rental yields, improve the experiences of your guests, and receive a full suite of specialist property management services, speak to the experts at Oasis Stay today.