Airbnb Company Logo and Rental Property

3 Must-Know Facts About Airbnb Hosting

Airbnb service was launched in 2007 by Joe Gebbia and his friend Brian Chesky – the two had problems with paying expensive rental fees, so they decided to rent out three airbeds on their living room floor. The investment was a huge success, and the business duo built the Airbnb startup into a 25 billion dollar company in 12 years with branches in over 90 countries worldwide. Apart from this impressive initiative, here are other facts you should know. 

Airbnb Hosting Charges Fees And Reviews Properties

With Airbnb hosting, property management service providers can rent out their extra bedroom spaces to travellers. The company charges a 3% fee to homeowners, while travellers also pay about 6% to 15% service fee. Both travellers and their hosts have the opportunity to review each other when the staying period is over. More than 70% of properties in Airbnb listings are entire properties. The public review system makes it easy to see the trust score of potential visitors and hosts.

Airbnb Hosting Is Cost-Effective

In terms of cost savings, Airbnb is far cheaper than booking regular hotels. With Airbnb, you can rent an entire apartment for as low as $20 per person per night. On the contrary, in central locations, a hotel room for two people can cost them $45 each per night. Some landlords and property management companies provide their hosts with essential amenities like WiFi connection, a fully furnished kitchen and satellite TV. These facilities are suitable for travelling families and their kids on a short stay.

Airbnb Housekeeping Safety And Insurance

In Australia, Airbnb management service Melbourne screens visitors by verifying their contact details and payment information. Property owners can set out their criteria for travellers to meet before booking their properties. Airbnb Management offers liability insurance of up to $1 million to protect property owners against personal injury and property damage to ensure host protection.