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How To Get Good Airbnb Reviews

Airbnb hosting has become popular since the apartment-booking service was launched over a decade ago. This community allows homeowners and travellers to review each other after the experience, which adds to their reputation. But, making a few mistakes can negatively impact your Airbnb reputation. The question is, how do you get that 5-star review and establish yourself as a trusted member of the Airbnb community? Well, here are great tips for Airbnb hosting and how to get positive Airbnb reviews.

Be Accurate And Detailed With Your Descriptions

Guests who are signing up for your service always want to be sure about their expectations. As a landlord, you should try to give accurate descriptions of your apartment and its amenities such that your visitors will have a clearer picture of the property. A detailed and accurate description will help you meet your clients’ expectations, and they will be more likely to rate you five stars. Resist the tendency to promise things you cannot deliver, and always stay genuine and professional in your relationship with guests. Try your best to avail yourself 24/7 to respond to questions and queries concerning your properties. And even if there is a small problem like a broken lamp, see it as a big challenge and fix it.

Have Ultra Modern Amenities

While the Airbnb community loves affordable housekeeping, having extraordinary amenities in your properties can help you stand out in the market. Streaming services like Netflix can keep vacationers entertained as they use your building. If that investment is what it takes to get 5-star reviews, do it. Fast and secure WiFi, premium tea, and good lighting systems are all critical investments that can add extra value to your guests’ lives. A whole family can reward you with 5-star reviews if you practice good maintenance and make their stay memorable. 

Get To Know Your Guests

Rather than seeing all your guests as the same, you may want to understand their unique requirements. Airbnb reviews their guests, too, so find out what other people are saying about your potential guest before you invite them to your home. Understand how often your guests use Airbnb when travelling and whether they leave reviews or not. When you identify the Airbnb profiles of each guest in great detail, you will know how to impress them with your property and win their 5-star ratings. It’s also a good idea to travel yourself and be an Airbnb guest. This will allow you to gain vital property management skills.

Let Your Location Count

For property management service providers who have been hosting Airbnb guests for a long time, they don’t have to be reminded that good location counts in getting excellent reviews. You may own a fantastic house, but if its location is not appropriate, clients will probably give you only four stars. Different guests interpret locations differently. In general, homes situated at walking distance from towns and shops rank high in Airbnb reviews. On the other hand, a home that’s in a noisy environment will convince buyers to think that the location is not conducive enough, which means getting a 5-star review will not be a guarantee. Whether your house is far from town or in a noisy neighbourhood, it’s always better to tell the truth about the location.

Send A Check-In Message

Responsible Airbnb Management often drafts instructions on how clients can check-in. Include your phone number and street address, and stay in touch with your guests from the beginning of their stay to the end. Prepare a welcoming message to your guests at least 24 hours after their arrival. You could use the chat feature in the Airbnb service application or your phone to text your guests. Set the tone for friendly interaction with visitors and assure them of their safety and comfort. You may also want to let them know the basic information, such as the locality’s dos and don’ts. Make an excellent first impression, and stand a good chance to earn a 5-star review. You can subtly remind your guests to rate you high by texting a check-in message like “it’s our goal to offer you a 5-star experience in your short stay”. In Australia, you can find a reputable Airbnb management service Melbourne has to offer, such as Oasis Stay, that emphasises good communication skills as the key to gaining positive reviews. Besides the standard check-in message, a check-up message also matters. You can use that to express your willingness to help your guests get what they need.