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Put Your Airbnb Properties Online Before the Lockdown Ends

The COVID-19 global health crisis has had a massive impact on all businesses. However, lockdown measures have been felt particularly harshly in the travel and tourism industry. 

Social distancing and the recommendations that everyone stays at home have put travel out of the equation. 

If you are the owner of a property that you’d like let out on short leases, you’ll have no doubt had to close your doors and will have lost all of your trade during the lockdown. And, you’ll probably have some very reasonable concerns about the future. 

With worries over the state of the economy, and with uncertainty over how long general social distancing measures will last for, how should you handle the crisis from a business perspective? How can you make money from your property?

One way that you could do this is to offer your property up for rent on Airbnb. 

Taking proactive measures to promote your Airbnb is essential. One of the best promotion strategies will be to list your Airbnb property online before the Australia COVID-19 shutdown ends. 

Life After Lockdown

Life After Lockdown

After spending weeks in shutdown, Australians will be feeling restless. Many will have had to cancel travel plans already, so there is a chance that many people will want to take a holiday. After all, it’s been a stressful couple of months. But with overseas travel out of the question, for the time being, staying in Australia may be the only real option for many. If you own a property that you’d like to rent out on a short lease basis, it will be essential that you be ready to capture the staycation tourists. 


List Your Property on Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the most successful short term rentals platforms. With around 150 million users, the site provides listings for short term lets and a way of arranging the booking. This makes it a great idea to list Airbnb properties in Australia. Users can look at properties in specific areas. With pictures and descriptions of the property posted to the site by the home’s owners, it’s vital that your listing will stand out from the crowd. But how do you write a great Airbnb listing? What do visitors want to see from the property?With the help of an Airbnb Management for Melbourne properties, you’ll get the best quality photos and descriptions designed to convince tourists to make a booking. Not only that, but at Oasis Stay, your property will be perfectly staged to make it desirable to renters. Having the help of people that know what customers are looking for in a property will really help to make your property more impactful in the Airbnb listings. Take Care of Airbnb Property

Taking Care of Your Airbnb Property

Once you’ve signed up to Airbnb, you’ll start to get visitors. However, along with visitors comes the need to take care of your home continually. Between guests, the property will need a full clean. There may be maintenance issues that need addressing from time-to-time. This probably all sounds fine if you’re running bed and breakfast. It’s perhaps all par for the course. However, for the majority of Airbnb property owners, letting the property out provides a sideline income. You may have a regular job to go to. You may not even live close to the property to be able to keep making trips. There are ways of keeping your property looking great at all times without the need to spend so much time and effort into the upkeep of your short-term let. Make use of the services of Airbnb Management Service for Sydney, and your property will be well taken care of. That means that you’ll get the rental income on your property, and someone else can do the work for you. 


Listing With Airbnb During COVID-19 

If you’ve got time on your hands due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, this is an excellent time to start planning your Airbnb listings. The sooner your property is ready to take in guests, the quicker you’ll start to see the rentals coming in. Given the current situation with COVID-19, you will need to make specific considerations. Firstly, you may see a more significant number of cancellations that usual. If you are prepared for this, you can manage this situation easily. You may also want to be flexible about lengths of lets during the pandemic. Having the flexibility to take longer-term renting may mean that your Airbnb property is never left empty. For help with your Airbnb property listing, get in touch with Oasis Stay property management service today.