How to Tailor and Perfect Your Offerings for Short-Term Guests

If you have endured the wrath of a displeased guest, you know how it feels. So how do you give them the million-dollar experience? How do you make them feel like they have had the experience of a lifetime? The solution may not be as complicated as you think.

We can all learn from what Airbnb did. Their catalog mostly includes homestays and lodgings, touted as “homes away from home.” The answer to your question lies behind the reason why Airbnb was so successful. It’s simple. They merged the originality and uniqueness of homestays with the predictability of proper management infrastructure.

Understanding the needs of your guests is crucial to provide them with a magical experience. Asking the questions – Who? Why? What? How? – can help you market and deliver the 5-star experience that they are looking for.

Let us look at how this can be done through the eyes of the Simpsons. If you are a fan of The Simpsons, this will be a delightful read!

Homer Simpson

The Homersons are habitual travelers, and they often look for simplicity and convenience. These kinds of guests want to feel at home, away from home. Enhance their experience by providing them with personalized suggestions.

Offer them tips on where they can find a good ol’ local meal. Make sure you know the local attractions, specifically bars and restaurants. Since the Homersons are usually aged around 35-56, it doesn’t hurt to provide complimentary amenities, like access to local entertainment channels or room service.

Mr. Burns

If the area you are in has some semblance to silicon valley, you might attract a lot of suits. These people have very little time on their hands to search for an excellent place to stay, so you can capitalize on it by providing predictability and reliability. A good experience can result in repeated bookings from both your guests and their business partners.

The suits type are generally tech-oriented, so make sure you tailor your experience to fit their needs. The comforts that can make or break their experience includes high-speed wifi, access to a telephone, around the clock dining experience, and easy fitness access. These people need to get things done fast. They are willing to pay more for a setting that promotes both productivity and rest. Resolve any issues they have immediately.

Lisa Simpson

These guests are looking for something to quest their cultural curiosities. Giving your hotel a touch of the local is a surefire way to heighten their experiences. Try pointing them in the direction of the local museum, an art gallery, or even the local brewery. They want a different experience from the monotony of a traditional hotel.

Have your meal plan filled with local delights, and offer them a lecture on the history of your area. This will give them a truly immersive and unique experience, making their stay that much more exciting and pleasurable.

Maggie Simpson

Some of the quests may have a “little” one with them. To provide them with the best hospitality, offer them a crib, and have a system in place for them to dispose of their diapers. Families with babies might be looking for a space that can provide them with security and peace of mind, while also trying to make their stay an enjoyable experience.

Offer them immediate assistance in case of an “accident,” if you know what I mean! Toys, a makeshift changing table, and food items tailored for the little tots can go a long way keeping your guests satisfied.

Marge Simpson

They are the hurry burry kind of people with a hectic life looking for some form of escapism. They want to forget the monotony of their lives, albeit for a short while. This is why they are looking for a luxurious, pampering experience. To satisfy these types of guests, offer them services like spa, massages, and fine dining. Make sure your customer service is top of the line. Offer them something extra, like a bottle of complimentary champagne when they check-in. Certain amenities, like bubble bath, clean and freshly scented bedsheets, room service, can provide them with a genuinely mesmerizing “me-time” experience.

Bart Simpson

The Bart Simpson type will go to great lengths to fulfill their adrenaline needs. You are sure to attract these thrill-seeking guests if you are close to destinations that appeal to them.

Point them in the direction of their “natural” habitat, like trekking locations, adventure parks, or mountain climbing. If your site does not provide the attractions that they seek, you need to be careful of accommodating them, as they can make your place into their adventure-land! Have a vetting process in place, and make multiple-night stays mandatory.

Summing it up:

Though this may be much more than what you may have bargained for, tweaking the services based on your guest’s preferences may make all the difference and could make your guest a proud and loyal member for life.

This could be the difference between life and death for people looking for something new and exciting, something different from the traditional and established hotel industry. The trick is to understand your guests so that you can provide them with the experience they are looking for. Ask for what they need before they come in, as this shows you as a thoughtful and warm host.

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