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10 Airbnb Bathroom Essentials: A Checklist For Airbnb Hosts

Offering your guests a few common or luxury comforts for their stay in your Airbnb is a great way to win them over. 

Bathroom essentials are ideal so that guests can maintain comfort and good hygiene on their trip. To ensure that your Airbnb property is kitted out with the best bathroom essentials, here is a list of the top 10.

1. Shampoo and conditioner

No matter if someone is staying in your Airbnb for one night or seven, they might want to wash their hair. Therefore, offering shampoo and conditioner are bathroom staples so that guests can wash properly during their stay. The most affordable way to keep them topped up is by adding a huge dispenser for each product and filling them up after each guest. Keeping them full to the top looks good and means that the guest can feel that they can use as much as they like, which will make them feel that they are getting the most for their money. 

2. Body wash

Another bathroom essential for good hygiene is body wash. There is nothing worse than going on holiday, getting in the shower, and realising that there is nothing to wash with.Make sure to add one to both the shower and the bath so that guests can be ready to wash at any moment.

3. Hand soap

For the sink, hand soap is key. Add a new one for each new guest; otherwise, it can be unsanitary. A hand soap that is nicely packaged will amp up your bathroom aesthetic and make your guests feel like they are in a hotel. Hand Sanitiser

4. Hand sanitiser

For one step further and to amp up your hygiene rating, offering your guests hand sanitiser in the bathrooms will allow them to keep safe and hygienic all day long. Adding these to the vanity alongside the soaps and towels is a nice touch so that your guests can attain good hygiene throughout their stay.

5. Bath towels

Every guest will likely shower or bath in the Airbnb. They might not think to bring towels with them. When you stay in a hotel, you don’t need a towel. Thus, guests will expect the same experience. Offering fresh bath towels is ideal for guests to feel at home. It will keep down their costs and be super convenient for them.

6. Toilet paper

Not only should you add toilet paper, but you should add extra toilet paper for your guests. Having enough toilet paper will ensure that your guests do not need to spend extra on toiletries, and they can feel like they are at home with a large stock.

7. Towel rack

A warm towel is the best feeling after stepping out of a warm bath or hot shower. Adding a towel rack to your Airbnb bathroom is a nice way to upgrade its aesthetic and comfort. It gives guests a place to hang their towels to dry. Plus, it is ideal if it warms up and keeps the towels toasty.

8. Trash can 

For hygiene reasons, it is essential to add a trash can to your Airbnb bathroom. There, guests can dispose of their sanitary items without having to find another bin on the property. 

9. Bath mat

A bath mat is essential for health and safety reasons. Adding one to a bathroom not only creates more comfort when a guest steps out of the shower or bath. But, they prevent slipping and reduce the amount of water that goes on the floor. Cleaning A Mirror

10. Mirror

Your guests will likely rely on the bathroom as a place to get ready for the day or evening. They will not be used to the bedrooms to get ready in. being able to place their toiletries in one place and get ready when they are settled is ideal. Most people add their toiletries to the bathroom of guest accommodation. Thus, adding a mirror to your Airbnb bathroom will be convenient and home-like for the guests. There, guests can get ready and check themselves before they leave for the day. To amp up the comfort and luxury of your Airbnb, adding these simple bathroom essentials will help. A simple towel rack full of fresh towels and in-shower amenities can make your guests feel at home. 



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