Writing Description for Airbnb Listing

How To Write A Good Airbnb Listing Description?

Writing a good Airbnb listing description is key if you want to draw as many customers as possible. The listing description is likely the first thing that customers will look at after eyeing up your photos. The more detail you add to the description, the more the customer will know about your property. A description should answer all of their questions to engage them and encourage them to book. 

It is essential to not skip a lengthy description as those will likely attract more people. On that note, here are some tips for writing a good Airbnb listing description.

Include unique amenities

Your Airbnb listing description does have a word limit. Thus, you will want to add your property’s best and most unique features that others do not offer. Unique amenities will engage customers and make your Airbnb property stand out among the rest. For instance, if you have a smart TV or an outside firepit, add that to the description as it might be exactly what a guest is looking for and cannot find in other properties. When thinking about your Airbnb listing’s unique features, try to imagine your property from an outside perspective. Quite often, landlords overlook valuable features of their listings simply because they are used to them. If you’ve spent time renovating your bathrooms, turning your bedrooms into luxurious suites, or even just have a beautiful garden area, all of these things will draw in people who are interested in adding a dash of luxury to their stay.

List smart items

Alongside unique amenities, letting your customers know that your property features smart items for added convenience will likely pique their interest. The more convenient and cool your place is, the more it will stand out. That said, also remember that guests will use any smart items that you list. So, make sure you’re okay with this beforehand and ensure that your property has instructions on how these items should be operated.

Entertainment aspects

Although guests will spend time out of the accommodation, they will likely spend some quality time in too. Thus, you will want to offer options for entertainment and let them know that they exist. If you offer board games or cable TV, then say so in the description so that guests know what entertainment they can treat themselves with. 

Positive adjectives

As well as listing what your property offers, you will want to think about the language that you use. Positive adjectives, such as ‘luxury’ and ‘peace’, will encourage the customers to know that your place offers a positive experience in turn. 

Be honest

The more honest you are in your Airbnb listing description, the more satisfied customers will be. If you fulfil your guest’s expectations, then they will likely leave a good review. 

Information about the neighbourhood

Your guests will want to know about the neighbourhood too. If you have local shops and restaurants, then let them know that. The more conveniently your accommodation is located, the more interest you will attain. 

Make your title pop

Alongside a great listing description, you will need a great title. A short title that boasts your unique selling point will grab the customers attention. For instance, if you have a hot tub then add this to your title as well as your listing description. Unique features will look attractive to customers and likely encourage them to click your listing over others.