4 Tips To Make the Best Airbnb Host

4 Tips To Make You The Best Airbnb Host

As Airbnb hosts, each one of us wants to do a great job, but what exactly does a good host need to do to receive guest recommendations?

The answer to this lies in the perspective of your guests. What can you serve to them in order to make their stay a memorable one? How can you cater to them in the best manner possible? How can you contribute in having them extract the best possible returns of choosing your property so that they come back again as well as refer you to others?

It is important to keep asking yourself these questions regularly as well as upping your services accordingly. Here are 4 ways in which you can become a host worth recommending.

1. Help Your Guests Navigate The City

This may seem quite a cliché but is pretty useful for someone who has never visited the locality before. You may offer a city map, something you can certainly provide for them upon arrival, with a useful ‘You are here’ icon pointing at the location of their rental.

Also, make sure you tell your guests where to find important services in the city such as tourist information and supermarkets. Bring to their notice the best entertainment area along with some highly underrated tourist spots and at least one highly recommended restaurant.

Guide them with using public transport systems from the rental to central locations can be very helpful. Create a brochure of the city’s mobility options as well as chauffeur services and hand it out to your guests upon arrival.

2. Spending Time within the Property

Some of your guests may not want to venture out into the city and they’d rather spend their time indoors. In such situations, your Airbnb must hold enough entertainment so that your guests can kill time even when indoors.

A couple of snacks around the place, a deck of cards, or some board games can surely double up as good entertainment options for those willing to stay in. Cooking utensils in the kitchen are basics and go without saying. But if your house has a yard, make sure it has a grill and coals, in case your guests want to make their own barbeque dinner.

3. Provide a First Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is a must. It may not be the most exciting or fun accessory, but the provision of a first aid kit is critical. It conveys to your guests to care for themselves in order to avoid unexpected injury. In addition to that, it shows your guests that their well-being is a priority to you, as their host.

4. Be Accessible

Questions, problems and mishaps can always arise, and that’s fine and normal. The best way to address these issues is to provide a quick response to your guests.

With a 24*7 Communication Service, your guests can easily contact one of your experts who can meet their needs and resolve the issue almost immediately. This will not just ensure safety for your guests but a sense of convenience and assurance as well.

However, it can be time-consuming to self manage all your Airbnb properties, if you follow the above tips to be the best host. At Oasis Stay, we provide the best Airbnb hosting services in Australia. With our professional service and experience, your guest will enjoy the most at your property and we will make you the best host ever.

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