Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A Superhost on Airbnb

Want to become an Airbnb star with higher priority listings, greater booking rates, and more rental income?

Earning superhost status on Airbnb is an absolute must if you want to get serious with earning money on Airbnb. While potential guests are scrolling through properties on their phones, they’ll instantly get drawn to your special “superhost” badge and instantly know that they can trust you.

One of the biggest nightmares for any Airbnb guest is not knowing whether or not their stay is going to be a good one.

The team over at Airbnb knows this, so they prioritise and reward property owners who are consistently the best hosts out there. While this might sound like an extremely difficult task to do, there’s a proven formula to follow to receive this renowned title.

Here are the steps you must take in order to become a superhost…

#1. Host a lot of guests

Just having one guest say that they enjoyed their stay doesn’t mean anything. After all, it could have been a shy guest who didn’t want to leave a bad review, an extremely good day for the host, or some other stroke of good luck.

But when you have guest after guest come by and repeatedly saying that they absolutely loved the property and that you were an amazing host — then there’s a pretty good chance that people genuinely love the service you provide.

One requirement set by Airbnb is to have a minimum of 10 trips that you hosted or at least 3 reservations that add up to 100 nights or more.

Quick tip: If you’re having trouble getting your first few guests booked, it might be work lowering your price temporarily. As you get more reviews and achieve superhost status, you can easily increase your prices to earn more rent.

#2. Communicate with your guests

One of the most important factors in having a guest consider you a good host is having good communication.

This means responding to them quickly when they’re checking in, answering any questions they have, and doing everything you can to make the process and smooth for them as possible. After all, they’re here for a trip and they deserve it.

Airbnb has stated that their minimum requirement is a 90% response rate for messages. This means that you should respond within 24-hours to every message you recieve.

#3. Minimise cancellations

If guests are continuously booking your property, staying for a few days, then canceling their reservation — that’s a pretty good indicator that they were not having a good experience.

The best way to prevent cancellations is to be transparent in your listing. This means using accurate photography that shows what the rooms will really look like and not hiding or withholding any bit of information.

But apart from your listing, it is important that you provide your guests with a wonderful experience once they arrive at your property.

Some things to consider include:

  • The cleanliness of your property
  • How well you communicate with your guests
  • The manner in which you treat them
  • And more

Basically, you just want to make sure your guests have a good time and don’t want to cancel.

#4. Receive top ratings

The easiest way for Airbnb to know how good of a host you are is to look at your ratings.

Your rating will come from the accumulation of each of your reviews from your guests. This is another reason why having a lot of guests is important, as having one poor review won’t damage your rating as much.

Airbnb states that their minimum requirement is an average overall rating of 4.8/5. While this is indeed a very high rating, if you follow the steps mentioned earlier, it is easily accomplished.

One factor that you must account for is the number of guests who leave a review. In general, people who have a poor experience are more likely to leave a negative review than a happy guest would leave a positive review.

While there is a lot of psychology behind this, the gist is that upset guests have more to gain leaving a poor review than a happy guest gains from leaving a good review.

The way to counteract this is to ensure that you put the time to ask each and every one of your guests to leave a 5-star review if they enjoyed their stay. This could be in a thank you message after they leave, in your house book, or even in person.

BONUS: The Easiest Way To Superhost Stardom

While it’s possible to become a superhost on Airbnb yourself, it can be extremely time-intensive. Especially if you’re not experienced.

The fastest and easiest way to become a superhost is to work with an Airbnb property management specialist. At Oasis Stay, our team of professional Airbnb hosting service helps owners like you on a daily basis. This means we handle everything from replying to messages, keeping the property clean, and managing your listing.

If you want to become a superhost faster, get in touch with Oasis Stay today.

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