7 Amazing Tips to Make You the Perfect Melbourne Airbnb Host

Airbnb management Melbourne can be a lot of work, especially behind the scenes wherein you need to build your brand, grow it, reach out to clients, and manage their stay in addition to being completely professional at all times.

Here are 7 incredible yet practical tips that you can implement, as an Airbnb host in Melbourne, in order to stand out from other Melbourne Airbnb property managers:

  1. Be detailed:

Pay close attention to detail. Only when you set right the detailed aspects of your home will your business start to skyrocket.  Your guests are not expecting any unpleasant surprises thrown their way. So, make sure you mention each aspect of your property in great detail so that your guests’ stay turns out to be nothing but pleasurable.

  1. Be competitive:

Healthy competition is the key here. Sure, you may have the best services and the most beautiful and comfortable rental home, but with adequate positive reviews to back it up, potential clients may not take your business seriously.

Hence, make sure you always ask for feedback. In the case of positive feedback, dg deeper to know what precisely they liked while you can work on upgrading those services. A negative feedback definitely gives you more room to revamp your Melbourne Airbnb rental management skills for better customer experience in the future.

  1. Be relevant:

Keep updating your services and postings regularly. You needn’t revamp your listings altogether but a few tweaks here and there will do the trick. Keep posting fresh pictures and keep your description trendy.

For instance, if there’s a popular show or an event happening nearby, you might want to mention it to the guest prior to booking so that you can hike your prices accordingly.

  1. Be generous:

Sure, we understand you can’t be overly generous with every guest, but basics like shower gel, shampoo, and a spare toothbrush didn’t hurt anyone. While at it, some popular snacks and chocolates can be a good way to earn those brownie points!

  1. Be financially apt:

It is important to be on the top of your game where financial and legal issues are concerned. Stay fully aware of the changing legalities regarding putting up your home on rent. Also, never hesitate to invest your money back into this business in order to gain much more returns sooner rather than later.

  1. Be mindful:

Regardless of you renting your space just for the weekends or all year round, be mindful of your neighbors. Better still, keep them in the loop. In addition to that, make sure your guests are fully aware of the rules in your neighborhood pertaining to parking, loud music, and pets in the vicinity.

  1. Be welcoming:

This is, perhaps, the biggest aspect that most Airbnb hosts don’t work upon. You need to make your guests feel wanted and welcome under all circumstances.

In order to do this, you can hand them a travel guide as soon as they land at your doorstep. This will include ways to access public transport, local eateries, shopping areas, and underrated areas in your city.

Also, you can include another booklet or guide which talks about your home in detail. Add a personal touch to it like a story that dates back to how and when the homeowner purchased the property and if there’s any sentimental value attached to it. Nothing establishes a bond stronger than an emotional connection.

While at it, include small details to go about your home in this guidebook as well, like running the faucet, radiators, and where to access the first-aid kit and so on.

Summing it up:

As a business owner, you need to stay consistent on these tips until your brand starts coming across as reliable and trustworthy to your clients. This may take anywhere between 6 months to a year to upgrade your Melbourne Airbnb property management, but the results are highly worth it!

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