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Airbnb Family Friendly: Make Your Property Secure For Visitors And Children

Airbnb is a platform that anyone can use to find the perfect accommodation for their trips. Whether you have room for a huge family or one child and parents, you will want to ensure that your property is safe and secure for everyone. 

Although you might have thought about making your accommodation child-free, as they are prone to breaking things and drawing on your freshly white walls, there are many benefits of making your accommodation family-friendly. 

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The benefits of a family-friendly Airbnb property 

Even if you have considered the disadvantages of allowing children into your property, there are many benefits,

Access to more guests

A family-friendly accommodation means that you can fulfil families as well as groups of friends and couples. You can attain more customers by offering your property to all groups of people. 

Better reviews

Parents are more likely to leave reviews behind so that they can recommend the property to other families with children. Although younger people do leave reviews, it is more common for families to leave reviews to assess whether or not the property is fit for other families. On that note, how do you make your property safe for everyone?Bedding Safe Airbnb

How to make your property secure for visitors and children

Making your Airbnb property secure for visitors and children is more straightforward than you think. Although it takes more than offering enough space and a secure building, it can be easy to family-proof your property. 

Think about the bedding

Your property will host guests for one or more nights. Thus, your beds will be slept on by various families. To protect the bed/mattress while making it as comfortable as possible, you might want to consider mattress protectors. If a child wets the bed, then your mattress will be protected. Plus, the bed might be more comfortable, which will encourage guests to leave good reviews. 

Safe staircases

Staircases can be very dangerous for children as well as elderly visitors. Making the staircases safe with gates is ideal for preventing children from climbing the stairs unsupervised. 

Cupboard safety latches

Children are prone to investigating cupboards that are closed. Although the items inside might be safe to touch, they might not be if they are put in the mouth. Adding safety latches to the cupboards will make the cupboards child-proof to keep children safe at all times. 

Remove sharp objects

If you are transitioning your property into a family-friendly one to please and attain more guests, then you will want to remove any sharp objects. Any decorative pieces with sharp edges or floor mirrors should be removed.Alongside making your property child-proof, you will want to consider adding feel-good family touches to enhance a family experience while staying at your property. Simply adding a cot or free toys will boost your guest’s experience.